How does StudioRat work?

StudioRat is a marketplace for booking music studios, ranging from home studios to some of the biggest studios in Nigeria.

Studios can easily create a listing in minutes and offer it to our community of artists that are looking to book music studios.

Artists can search our studios to find the right one, request to book, and easily pay through our platform. Studios get to keep 100% of the payment and have the peace of mind that comes with using our platform messaging, secure payments, and a dedicated support team.

Is StudioRat right for my studio?

If you’re a music studio that is looking to offer your studio to others, StudioRat is right for you. We take pride in helping artists find the right studios and have an experience that is unique to each studio on StudioRat. If you’re still unsure if your studio is a fit for StudioRat, please reach out to our team and we’d love to chat.

How do I get started?

Adding your studio to StudioRat is easy and takes minutes. Once you’ve created a StudioRat account, you can select a subscription above. After you select a subscription, simply click “Add your studio” at the top right. Please note that our team reviews all listings to ensure the safety of our community.